Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fixing slow loading of attachments from Outlook

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Rick said...

Interesting. I have found much about the DDE work-around, but I'm still looking for a REAL repair method. The situation on one of my PC's has been similar. When a web link is clicked in Thunderbird... a document is double-clicked to open in Word or Excel... a folder is clicked to open from StarDock's ObjectDock... 10-20 seconds pass before the action occurs. Argh!

Greg said...

This solution works great. A few of my clients reported this problem, and they were thoroughly pleased when I finally got it fixed (thanks to this article). Though as Rick suggested, I too wonder what is REALLY causing this DDE-delay issue.

Guitarzan said...

Just wanted to add my "Thanks!" for your post. I'd been living with this annoyance for a while, so it sure is nice to be free of it!!! :)