Monday, November 26, 2007

Keyboard Shortcut Favorites

I am one of those guys who likes to use Keyboard Shortcuts a lot. While I'm not particularly fond of the way Office 2007 provides keyboard access to all entries on the Ribbon (*), I do use quite a few of the "old-fashioned" Keyboard Shortcuts that worked in previous versions of Office. Luckily, all of the keyboard shortcuts in Office 2007 continue to work exactly as they did before.
These are a few of my favorites:

Excel 2007:
  • F2: enter formula
  • CTRL+PageDown / CTRL + PageUp: Previous/Next Worksheet
  • CTRL+0 (zero, not Num key zero): Hide column
  • SHIFT+CTRL+0 (zero, not Num key zero): Show column
  • CTRL+9 (nine, not Num key nine): Hide row
  • SHIFT+CTRL+9 (nine, not Num key nine): Show row
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U: Resize formula bar
  • When entering a formula: SHIFT+CTRL+A: fill in arguments
  • CTRL+` (left apostrophe, on most keyboards above the TAB key): show formulas in cells
Word 2007:
  • CTRL+[ / CTRL+]: Increase/Decrease font size with 1pt
  • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR: Insert a non-breaking space
  • CTRL+SHIFT+-: Insert a non-breaking hyphen
  • CTRL+-: Insert an optional hyphen
  • CTRL+SPACEBAR: Remove formatting (particularly useful to remove Character Formatting)
  • CTRL+K: Insert a hyperlink
  • SHIFT+F5: Toggle through the last 3 locations where you were editing
  • SHIFT+F3: Change case
PowerPoint 2007:
  • Quickly add a new slide, using the Layout you want: CTRL+M, Alt (**), H, L
  • TAB: Move through all objects on a slide, even the ones that are not visible (behind another object). Start by selecting any object that is not a text box, then (repeatedly) press TAB.
  • In presentation mode: press B to make the screen Black, B again to return to your slide. Also, press the slide number, followed by ENTER, to move to that slide.
  • (*) Pressing and releasing the ALT key will give you 'KeyTips', letters that you can press to activate a tab or button:

    Another way to get to all entries on the Ribbon is pressing F10, and then using the arrow keys to select the Tab and button you need.
  • (**) Press and Release the ALT key.

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